Paul Terranova


Why Rogue Running? To continue to positively represent the Rogue brand in a variety of activities and venues, both locally as well as across the country and perhaps overseas if I get the opportunity.  Serve as an ambassador for experienced and beginner runners and athletes and offer guidance and mentorship based on the years of multisport experience that I have accumulated in training, racing, staying healthy, cross-training, nutrition, etc.

Favorite Running Workout? As of late, Coach John Schrup’s double workouts are my favorite, sandwiched around a late-morning/early-afternoon bike ride, an ice bath, and a nap.  If there’s nasty weather I love it even more.

Least Favorite Workout? The only workout that is my least favorite is one that I missed!

Your go-to, pre-race meal? My wife Meredith’s good old-fashioned angel-hair pasta with pesto and chicken or homemade meat-sauce (sometimes venison).  And a pre-race Dairy Queen Blizzard (small) of course!

Your favorite post-run recovery food? First Endurance Ultragen Cappuccino recovery drink, followed by some leftovers from the night before!

What athlete (past or present) most inspires your running? Why? Bernard Lagat’s longevity is something that I admire greatly.  He’s been a professional runner for over a decade and has the self-confidence to take enough time off every year to let his body and mind rest before starting his training for next year.  This recent article sums it up nicely:

(Note: I used to list Lance Armstrong as an athlete who inspires me but not so much anymore)

Favorite Austin Restaurant? Maudie’s Milagro for brunch, Waterloo Icehouse for burgers, Austin Java for their Fog Cutter coffee.

French toast, pancakes, or waffles?

French toast, pancakes or waffles? I’m a sucker for Austin Java’s kids blueberry pancake with honey, peanut butter, and syrup on top, just proves that I’m still a kid inside.  And yeah, they are big enough to feed me!!

Favorite breakfast taco ingredients? Eggs, bacon, and avocado of course.

Favorite movie? Rocky IV, best training montage ever:

Favorite TV show? I choose to watch the “idiot-box” as little as possible.  Much rather be banking some extra Zzzzzz’s for tomorrow’s workout.  

Favorite band? Typically whatever’s on the FM radio or music from Meredith’s MP3 player, which is always so upbeat!



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