Laura Mitchell

Why Rogue Running? It’s a comfortable and health training environment where I get to meet new people and build lasting friendships.

Favorite running workout? Step-down Ladders 600,400,300,200,or multiple 400s.  My favorite interval is 200m.

Least favorite workout? Continuous Hill loops over a mile

Your go-to, pre-race meal? Not too particular here, I can eat pretty much anything as long as it’s light; no steaks before a race!  Oh! A shot of expresso right before a race has fared well.

Your favorite post-run recovery food? Denver Scramble from Galaxy Café especially after Sat. am training

What athlete (past or present) most inspires your running? Why?

 I can think of a few athletes that inspire my running for different reasons.

People that can hammer hills like it’s no big thing

Anthony Famiglietti-for his philosophy; I am curious about him

Lauren Fleshman-for her frankness about running and the sport of it .  She’s also a real baller that I could see being friends with…really getting along with my personality.

Shalane Flanagan- for her form and stride technique

Jordan Hasay- for her tenacity. Especially watching her race XC.

Favorite Austin Restaurant? Eddie V’s

French toast, pancakes, or waffles? Well all these are carbs, so when I run far enough to actually indulge in these, I’d say waffles.  But, maybe when I complete a run as long as Kamran Shah, I can have the French Toast from Austin Java loaded with whipped cream! Yep, I’ve seen him take it down!

Favorite breakfast taco ingredient Bacon and Extra Bacon

Favorite movie? Bravehart

Favorite TV show? Right now Parks and Recreation-I love me some Aziz Ansari comedy! Silver goes to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Bronze goes to Breaking Bad.

Favorite band? People who know me, know that I’m a BIG music fan.  Too hard to have one favorite band, but if I’d have to pick one it would be New Order or Cut Copy. Shoot, I can’t choose one. Now if you had asked Favorite Country Music Artist, well I’d say George Strait- hands down.


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