Cassie Henkiel

Why Rogue Running?
Been a supporter of Rogue since it opened. Love to support Steve & Ruth as well as the local Austin running community & scene!!

Favorite running workout?
Since i’ve been racing as a master & back to racing more 5 & 10k’s…..enjoying all my ‘shorter type’ track workouts.  gotta love that speed work!!

Least favorite workout?
Any workout that i have to yell “track” many times during one workout while working out at the track.

Your go-to, pre-race meal?
One cup of coffee and either a piece of toast with nut butter & jelly or a small serving of oatmeal.

Your favorite post-run recovery food?
It all depends on what kind of run i just did & how much time i have: i’m a cooker!  No real favorite.

What athlete (past or present) most inspires your running? Why?
At this point, all athletes!  I admire sport so much that watching athletes compete in there element, keeps me in it and I appreciate my health & wellness to keep running & racing.

Favorite Austin Restaurant?
Clark’s Oyster Bar

French toast, pancakes, or waffles?

Favorite breakfast taco ingredient?
Eggs, black beans, potatoes, avocado on corn

Favorite movie?
yo no se?

Favorite TV show?
I don’t have a favorite show…I enjoy watching any sporting event on TV!

Favorite band?
recently saw Eddie Vedder. The show was at musical church for several unforgettable hours!!!!!


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