Amy Baker

Why Rogue Running? The knowledge and structure of our training programs (with our coach Carmen Troncoso) is amazing, but the best part of Rogue is the group.  Teammates of all ages and abilities inspire me to keep loving what I do.  When you feel like stopping in the middle of a workout, team rogue is there to keep you running.

Favorite running workout? The “Michigan” 1600m fast, 2k tempo, 1200m fast, 2k tempo, 800 fast, 2k tempo, 400m When I lived in Ann Arbor, we did this workout around the U of M stadium.  Now Carmen has us doing it on the East side Track!

Least favorite workout?
Post race recovery run; you are going so slow, but it still really hurts.

Your go-to, pre-race meal? Peanut butter powerbar, I get to nervous to eat more than that.

Your favorite post-run recovery food? Pappa Johns bbq chicken pizza

What athlete (past or present) most inspires your running? Why? Dathan Ritzenhein, because he always races 110%.  He ran at the neighboring high school so I got to see him run all the time.  Also Hanson’s Desiree Davila and of course Chris Kimbrough and Carmen Troncoso.

Favorite Austin Restaurant? Cuatros, I love their chicken tacos.

French toast, pancakes, or waffles? Whatever you are willing to cook for me 🙂

Favorite breakfast taco ingredient.

Favorite movie? Any girly chick-flick

Favorite TV show? Colbert Report

Favorite band? Anything country


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