Too Old for a Jogger!

By: Chris Kimbrough

Recently I’ve read a couple of blogs about “Happy Moms” running with their kid or kiddos in their joggers. They were fun to read, but honestly I‘m not sure I had too many of those joyful baby jogger moments! I think the most joyful moments for me were when they finally fell asleep. It was 16 years ago when I first started researching for the best joggers. I settled on one that fit my criteria: lightweight, sharp turning radius and not too expensive. When I think back to those times I didn’t have a nice trail to jog on, just pavement and sidewalks and an occasional dirt path. I spent most of that time dodging parked cars, watching for moving cars, and fetching flying sippy cups.

Now fast forward 16 years – I’m back to having a one year old! The option of running with a jogger has reared it’s head again. My first thoughts are always: No thanks — give me a treadmill or a teenage babysitter any day! I don’t miss blankets dragging on the ground and rubbing in the wheels. Nor do I miss the books, goldfish, crayons, pacifiers & juice boxes flying out the side… and then having to stop, bend over and pick up everything that’s lying in the street. I surely don’t miss the stares from people as my child is screaming in the jogger wanting to get out.

Yes, there were great moments too: the kids’ singing and coloring together; children looking at the scenery, enjoying nature and asking “LOTS” of questions. However most of the time it was just lots of work trucking the jogger around. I remember in 2008 training for the Olympic trials and having to get my run in with one of my kid’s home sick from school. I thought: A little fresh air would do her good! However, that made three in the jogger, so one had to sit on the older child’s lap. I recall telling my kids I’d run one hour. I think it was about that long when Ellie said, Mom, are you done yet? I can’t feel my legs. I also remember the time my son Jack had a box of crayons and “such”. The box just happened to have a pair of scissors in it. I can remember looking down as he’s cutting a whole in the jogger’s canopy. I said, “what are you doing?” He replied, Oh, I just wanted to see your face! I could have used an Ipad back then!

So my youngest child now, Layne, may not get too many of those fun adventures in the jogger. I still have it, but it’s become the garage’s stuff collector: loaded down with assorted rip sticks, basketballs and scooters. Maybe I’m just getting too old to bend down and pick stuff off the pavement! Happy running everyone!

Oh, one side note: one of my teenage daughters read my blog this morning and said, Mom, I miss those jogger days! Maybe they just had a little more fun than I thought!


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