Taking a Break, It’s a Good Thing!

By: Cassandra Henkiel 

It’s July and time for my break! I usually take a month off any structured running training during the summer, which for me is usually the perfect time. My last road race was the end of April, (US Master’s 10k Road Race Champs up in New England, placed 4th race isn’t until October, (US Master’s 5k Road Race Champs in NY).


photo (6)

So, I had quite a break to make some racing decisions…I ended up training through May and decided to race as many of Luke’s Locker All Comer track meet series in June. Unfortunately, I missed 2 of the 5 due to being out of town. It was a fun way to spend my Friday evenings with fellow track lovers, friends, Rogue Racers and to work on my speed and turn over. Racing the 800m, 1200 in the DMR and 1500m. With no racing in July in my plan and with the heat of the summer upon us…I look forward to this time to get in some cross training: road biking, spin classes, swimming, aqua jogging, yoga, more intense strength training, light running and days off if I want. Come August is when I usually take off to Colorado to visit friends and hit the altitude, cooler temps and the trails for several weeks. This is my time to start some base building to get ready for bringing back intensity to my training come September, as I gear up for fall racing. The USATF 10k Trail Champs is the end of August in NC and for the first time, I’m going to try and go. I’m a big fan of trail running/racing and seems like it fits perfectly post Colorado.

As I look forward to my break, I hope many of you out there also plan ahead and schedule a good size break in your running training season after season or year after year. In our sport of running you can race all year round and before you know it….one year or season bleeds into the next. So, it’s important to build in some kind of training/racing break from running some time. This is a good insurance policy not to reach burn out, (physically & mentally), ward off injuries and time to get in some good and necessary cross training!

Happy summer….stay cool and train smart!


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