The Weather Crack

By: Cassandra Henkiel

It’s finally here, our first real cold front!!  What we pine for all summer long.  Of course, you hear it on the weather forecast and I know for me, I don’t truly believe it until I feel it!  Well, we got it all: clouds, rain, wind, a drop in temps and the humidity almost totally gone this past weekend.

This time of the year is always so cherished in Austin and it’s like the whole city is on ‘the weather crack’.  Everyone and their mother is out and about just to enjoy the great outdoors.  It’s awesome to witness.  I too had a very hard time going inside at any point over this past weekend, I felt like a kid again.  Remember when your parents told you it was time to come in for dinner or it was getting too late and it’s time to clean up for bed.  Ahhh, those where the days!

Great timing for all those who ran in the CAR2GO Marathon Relays. You all got it good!!  I cruised down there on the my long run and it looked like everyone was having a good time. Come on, what a great first day of fall.

Here’s a few things I can share that I know was different this weekend than the Austin summer training months:

~  not starting to drip after the first 5-10 mins of starting a run

~  finishing a run without pruning and having sloshy shoes, just to feel kinda damp & not dripping wet

~  not getting showered by your fellow group runners, who are flying sweat all over the place, on top of your own

~  oh, the air….we feel as though there is some, and not like we’re breathing through a steam room or straw

~  how about not feeling totally wasted after finishing either a long run or hard workout

~  how many less stops have you made to; ‘stretch,’ get water or even chat?

~  not having to wait for however long post run to; to shower, blow dry hair, put lotion on, get dressed

~  feeling excited or really look forward to get those shoes on to run

You know, it’s the little things in life.  We must embrace it while we can. For those of us who have lived here long enough know, it only lasts for several weeks at this time of the year. Get your fix now!


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