Are You a Running Princess?

By: Amy Baker






1) When do you run on the treadmill?

A) A couple times a week, whenever it is hot, cold, or rainy.

B) A couple times a year, to get out of bad weather.

C) Only when schedule/kids force it

D) Never







2) How often do take off for a run without a map or a route planned ahead of time?

A) All the time

B) At least once a week

C) Only when I am with my training group

D) Never

3) Would you rather do mile repeats on:

A) The track

B) Lake Austin Blvd or other road I run on frequently

C) A location I have never run before

4) How often do you run trails (well groomed paths like town lake don’t count)

A) All the time

B) About once a week

C) Occasionally

D) Hardly ever

5) Do you attempt to wear matching running gear?

A) Yes everyday

B) Only on race day or for special workouts

C) No









6) Do you own trail shoes?

A) Yes, doesn’t everyone?

B) No, but I should probably think about investing in a pair

C) No, why would I?







7) Its 90 degrees on marathon race day. Which are you most likely to do:

A) Not run, or drop out early and save my legs for a faster day

B) Take it nice and easy, and aim for 20 minutes slower than my I intended

C) Run my heart out, even though it means running 10 minutes slower than I intended

8) Have you ever had to climb on your hands and knees to get up a hill?

A) Yes, there was a sand-dune, mudslide, or rock-climbing area that required climbing

B) No

C) Yes, if you count the overpass on that day I was really tired

amy _ mud

9) Do you wear running skirts?

A) Yes

B) I have one, but I don’t run in it

C) No

10) Have you ever run in a blizzard (more than 1 foot of snow)?

A) Yes, many times

B) No, because I have always lived in warm climates

C) No, I will run inside or take the day off


11) After a long run, are you most likely to:

A) Take a nap

B) Run errands

C) Do house or yard-work

12) You have to pee in the middle of a half-marathon. Do you:

A) Here is your chance pee your pants!

B) Pull off and go on the side of the road

C) Wait until you get to a porta-john

13) Do you run in lululemon?

A) All the time

B) Occasionally

C) Never

D) What is lululemon?

14) Does a bear shit in the woods? Will you?

A) Yes, if the porta-john line is too long at a race, or any other time really.

B) Yes, if I’m out on a run with no restrooms around, and it’s well…. an emergency.

C) No, ewww

15) On average, how often do you get up before 6AM to run?

A) 0 – 1 Day a week

B) 2 – 4 Days a week

C) 5 – 7 Days a week

16) Do you wear makeup when you run?

A) No

B) Only on race day, or when that super-sexy guy shows up to my training group.

C) Yes, most of the time

17) If you need water on a run, will you..

A) Have your significant other to bike with you, so he can hand you water

B) Stop at the water fountain or at a Rogue water stop

C) Carry it so you don’t have to stop


For the odd problems (1,3,5, … ):

Give yourself 2 points for every A answer, 1 point for every B answer, and 0 points for every C or D answer.

For even problems: (2,4,6, … )

Give yourself 2 points for every C or D answer, 1 point for every B answer, and 0 points for every A answer.

Scores 0 – 17: You are an adventurous runner!

You are not afraid to try something different! You don’t lose your stride over of a little mud, rain, or 100 degree heat. You might not have the luxury that some professional runners have of taking naps after long runs, or buying $5 smoothies from a health food store after workouts. You are tough and you have the energy to run long term. You love running and you take the conditions you get and you don’t throw a fit!

Scores 18 – 34: Congratulations! You are a running princess!


It might bug you that the picture to the right does not have a sports bra that matches her tutu. I know it bugs me! Being a princess does NOT mean that you are slow. A lot of professional track/road athletes would qualify based on the quiz. You take extra care to make sure that everything is just right! You need your beauty sleep and well there is nothing wrong with that. Looking cute is second only to running fast, so lace up your Pink Nike’s and don’t lose a shoe on the track! Maybe a prince will find it (I hope you don’t have smelly feet)! Stay out of the heat/wind/ and snow please, they are NOT good for your skin, or racing times. Hurry home to nap after long run, if you stay out eating breakfast tacos for too long, you just might turn into a pumpkin!


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