Spring to Summer

By: Laura Mitchell

As we head into the summer months, we as runners need to remember some cardinal rules:

  1. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  2. Wear sunscreen and use a baseball cap and sunglasses. Some people aren’t ball cap wearers, I get it…but at least wear sunscreen 😉
  3. Beat the heat. Change up the time of day you choose to run. Realize that do not help yourself by pushing through a run when it’s 90+ degrees outside.

If you can’t avoid it, running in the heat once in a while will not be too disastrous, however, modify your goals for that run. Here are some adjustments you can make if you have to run in the heat.

  1. Shorten the time for your run or reduce the mileage.
  2. Slow the pace down.
  3. If you have to run fast, shorten the duration of the “fast portion.”
  4. Stop for water breaks whenever possible. If you’re on the trail, stop at each fountain/water cooler.

I know for some runners, it can be hard to slow down or run less. This can be tough especially as your fitness level improves during the mild spring months. But in the Austin summer, mentally, you’re more likely to hit the adjusted goals and be happy, rather than trying to push to stay on your paces and be disappointed!

Ok, so I’ll get off my soapbox now. 😉

One of the concepts I’ve been working on and will continue to throughout the summer is my biomechanics while running. As I switch from longer road workouts to shorter track workouts I have time to look at my form and make corrections. These adjustments, such as foot and hip placement, not only have made me more efficient and quicker but have also alleviated stress on my lower back and hamstrings. I’m still training for one more 5K, after running three 5k races this spring. It will be the Trail Foundation’s Moonlight Margarita 5K and I’m looking forward to it. Yes, it’s going to be hot but, at least it’s at 8pm. Then, I’ll join my teammates that are working on a shorter track session cycle. This will be geared toward running some track meets. Most likely I’ll race 800m, 1500m and 3,000m.

Hope to see some fellow Rogue’s this summer on the trail, at Rogue HQ, or at a track meet around town.

Until next time,


*Oh don’t forget NCAA’s is this weekend for Track and Field

*US Nationals is in Des Moines, IA June 20-23 at Drake Stadium which will serve as the selection event for the 2013 World Championships in Moscow August 10-18.


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