Addicted to Running

By: Jaime Pińa

As runners we hear this question all too often: Why do you run so much? There are many different reasons why people run; but I believe there are two reasons why most make it a lifestyle. The first reason (and my biggest motivator) is there truly is no ceiling when it comes to running. There is always a new goal or personal best that you work toward. I truly believe that this drive to always hit your next personal best time or longest distance is what causes a runner to evolve.  The evolution of a runner is fascinating. When most people start out they usually start easy and have a goal of running a 5k. They typically join a group like Intro to Rogue or some type of training program like Couch to 5k. When a runner first starts there are many doubts running through their mind. The typical beginner-training program starts out by having you run 60 seconds on and 60 seconds off. The normal thought is I will never be able to run a 5k if I can barely run 60 seconds. But as the training program continues the runners find that he or she is running for longer periods of time.  After 8 weeks the runner is able to run a complete 5k without stopping. This is about the time a new runner becomes addicted to running. After their first race they begin to set new goals and challenges such as moving up to 10K training or bettering their speed over 5K. This has been a common experience of many of my friends and family members, and of course what continues to make me run day after day as well. After every race you have a new goal that you would like to accomplish. This is one reason why running is addicting.

Secondly, I have learned as you become a more established runner you develop friendships in the running community, which makes running part of your life. When it comes to hobbies, I am typically that person that is 100% committed. Over time, however, I’ll lose interest after I hit my set goals. Running is an activity that keeps you invested because you develop strong friendships along the way. I have met some really great people through running that I consider to be great friends. My PR like an Aussie group feels like a family and we all support and motivate each other not only in our training but also in our personal lives. Friends who run are great to have because they truly hold you accountable.  There have been times when I would much rather watch “Housewives of You Name the City” (Yes, I really do love that show), but then get a text from a running buddy forcing me to get off my couch. I believe these very friendships to be half of the addiction of running.

So if you’re feeling a little monotonous in your every day workout routine, consider joining a running group or starting a running training program. I can promise you this will change the way you feel about running for the rest of your life!


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