Ramblings from Mitchell

By: Laura Mitchell

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’m excited to share with you some of the happenings that have been goin’ on with me.  Aside from starting a new job, which I’m happy about, last weekend, was one of the best weekends of the year. There were three big track meets held in the US and they were going to be actually broadcast on the Internet or on TV! Anyone, who knows me, knows I was super stoked to sit down, put my feet up, and glue myself to my laptop and TV to watch!

The meets I am speaking of are the ever famous Penn Relays (gosh, so many great performances over the years-where Bill Cosby is a super fan), followed by Drake Relays in Iowa (where a sponsor came through and provided some big prize money), and last but certainly not least, The Payton Jordan Invitational held at Stanford. One of my dream vacation weekends is to go & watch Payton Jordan in person! I’m sure my boyfriend will LOVE that. I can only imagine how that conversation might go: Yeah instead of an exotic paradise or a great ski resort, let’s go to Stanford on the last weekend in April. They have some nice grassy spots we can sit. 

I have been in 5K training mode for the last 12 weeks with only 1 “rust buster” (Lockhart 5K) before my first big race of the year being this past Sunday the 28th (Schlotzky’s Bun Run 5k.) For me, this means I usually chill the day before and what better motivation than to watch these meets!

So, here’s a little peek into my madness. I proceeded to watch the replay of Drake Relays on ESPN3 laptop-style. Then, I followed it up with the NBC broadcast of Penn Relays, which had an amazing Women’s 4x800m. They ended up winning and setting new American Record with 8:04.31! (8:17.91-old) Here’s a link to see the splits and pics: http://bit.ly/11sziyN.

I topped the night off with more Drake Relays on ESPN2! Oh, and of course I’m following all the actions and extra tidbits on Twitter. (I think to myself: reason why social media can rock and perhaps begin to realize why the kids are going there for news now! Now, if we can just halt the fake tweets that freak the world out and manipulate the stock markets, geez! ) By the end of all this memorized watching, even I was tracked out! What it did do for me, was provide some quality entertainment and motivation to race the next day with passion and a strong attitude.

It was a humid morning, but I stuck to the game plan and committed to the race. I got out quick, hit the first mile right on pace, and finished strong with over a minute improvement from Lockhart! It was a good feeling (even though it really hurt during the race) to experience the fruits of all my labor.

I have been doing a ton of work from repeating the same longer workouts to some quicker short sessions with little recovery.  Sometimes it was doing the same workout 3 Saturdays in a row (progressively quicker), where other workouts were short interval workouts. You know the ones where you really “feel the burn.”  Darvis “Doc” Patton calls them “Butt Lock Mondays.” 

After celebrating a 3rd place overall finish, the cherry on the cake was watching Payton Jordan where loads of distance athletes go to really run fast and try to hit the standards for the US Champs and World’s. Even Rogue’s Rogue Athletic Club competed!

I know, I know… I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to track and field, but I love it!  So, if you ever want to see when meets are on/broadcast you can always check http://www.letsrun.com (they usually have links on their homepage) or Flotrack.org. By the way, you can now view all of the races from Payton Jordan on Flotrack.

Hope everyone enjoys their runs as it’s going to get hot very soon!

Next up for me: Chuy’s 5k and then some track races. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even try the 2-lap Tango!


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