The 99%

By: Marc Bergman

There are many different classes of runners that span distances, speeds, surfaces, and even times of day. Since joining Rogue a little over a year ago, I have met so many funny, interesting and talented runners. The ones I run with have become great inspirations and amazing friends. However, that’s only about 1% of you. The other 99%, as some have admitted, are anxious about running with new people.

After evaluating personal experience and conducting some informal polls, it has come to my attention that many runners are terrified to run with people out of their speed bin. Speedsters think they might get hurt by running too slow. Plodders assume they will collapse if pushed too fast. None of this is true. Yet runners continue to make excuses such as: “I don’t want to hold you back”, “I might be able to keep up with you for 10 steps”, or “I can’t run at 1 PM, I have to wash my hair”.

I can speak from my perspective. There are days when I want to or need to run fast. I am not inviting any general runner to these workouts. However, when I do ask if you want to run with me, relax, it’s because I want to catch up, hang out, shoot the breeze, etc., not because I want to take you to threshold or beyond. I want to run with you, not against you.

The beauty of running is that runners can adapt the physical and enjoy the social company. It’s not going to be an uncomfortable mismatch like playing 18 holes with Tiger Woods or going one-on-one with a 7-footer. So, listen, you don’t have to be nervous that you will have a heart attack if you run with me or any of my fellow Rogue Racers. Treasure the diversity of this running community and take a loop around the lake with someone out of your speed bin.


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