You Don’t Get What You Deserve

By: Paul Terranova 

In my “abundance” of free time, I like to pick up a book or two from our local City of Austin library. Sometimes I put books on “hold” and the City will deliver them to the branch closest to home and I’ll pick them up on my way home. I always take a look at the latest non-fiction selections to see if there’s something that interests me. Last week, Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated by Anthony Robles caught my eye, and I could barely put it down until finished. For those that don’t know, Robles is a 3-time all-American wrestler and undefeated 2011 NCAA National Champion from Arizona State University. In his book, he writes that a documentary titled The Season: Iowa’s Men of the Mat inspired him to work his tail off and be the best 125-pound wrestler possible, despite a somewhat dysfunctional home life. The documentary chronicles the Hawkeyes’ 2001-2002 season. Of course I watched all 7 episodes. The quote from it that stuck with me is:

“You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you earn.”

-Tom Brands, University of Iowa wrestling coach

Coach Brands’ point is that even if you put in all the day to day training and sacrifices leading up to your big event, you still have to EARN it on the mat. The same holds true for running. Yeah, we train hard and put in all this time, effort, energy, and obsess over the littlest detail and GPS data. No doubt, there is inherent value in this journey, and for some that is enough. Though to reach our fullest potential we need to be tested on race day, and come up with the goods to EARN what we get.

So, what are you going to earn this year?

Anthony Robles

Anthony Robles


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