On the Road(s) Again

By: Kevin Irwin

Last post, I reported that I might have turned the corner with the pains that have been dogging me for some time now. Well, as the title of this post might suggest, I believe I have.

A visit to the folks at Austin Pain Specialists left me with a diagnosis of an irritated ilioinguinal nerve.  The prescribed treatment was a nerve block – an mixture of anesthetic and steroids applied to the nerve.  Not the most pleasant procedure (an injection into the abdominal muscles), but bearable (especially in comparison to some of the beatdowns I’ve taken from the marathon).

Long and short of it, two treatments later, I’m finally able to run at greater volumes than any time since last year.  Maybe not 100% healed up, but getting close.  Now it’s time to start focusing on building back the base.  While I could fake it for a short leg of Zilker Relays, I’m nowhere near race ready. I wish that weren’t true, but that’s the way it is. To take a positive perspective on things, I can use the struggle to get back into shape as practice for the mental aspect. There’ll be plenty of opportunity…

So what’s the plan? First, the family and I are heading off to Europe for a vacation. I’m looking forward to the chance to run in some scenic places:  the Promenade des Anglais, the Portofino coast, and along the Seine in Paris. I’m going to need to after all the eating I’m planning on doing! When I get back, I’ll be ready – hopefully both physically and mentally – to join the Aussie’s group up at the Cedar Park Rogue. I’ve heard he’s into even crazier workouts than the original-Rogue himself, Steve. I say put another shrimp on the barbie, because I’m coming and I’m hungry!


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