Running Groups

Fall is here – although not temperature wise – which means fall racing season begins again. I always look forward to getting back into my training group. This will be my seventh season running with Carmen’s group. Every season brings new runners, some stay and some leave, but it’s always great connecting with people, new and old. I have developed some lifelong friends from the group over the years and stay in touch with many of those that have left.
Our group has runners of all levels, which is great because most of the time everyone has someone to run with. Even if someone is not running at my pace at a speed workout, its always easier to get the workout done when I have others running around me. I find it very hard to run on an empty track. Also, having the accountability of others meeting you makes it easier to get to the track. I also really enjoy running my long runs on Sunday with others in my group. It always varies who shows up, but its a great time to hang out with them and get to know everyone better.
There have been periods in my life when  I consider pulling out of the group and training on my own, like yesterday. Life gets busy and somedays it takes a lot of effort to get to a workout. The only time I can get my run in is between 3 and 5 p.m. and its 101 degrees out.  If I wasn’t training with Carmen it would be a lot easier to just let those days slide. But realistically, I think I would fall out of the racing scene without the coaching and the group. I know that I need them both to keep me training hard and running smart.  So, as this new season of racing gets into full swing, I encourage you to find a group and get connected to the Austin running scene, “the group way.” I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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