By: Joey Przybyla

Fall is in the air and goals are within sight.

Cool? Dry? Dare I say inviting? Believe it or not, those are the words I would choose to describe the weather when I walked down my apartment stairs this morning to head out for my morning run. It’s 5:25 a.m. and it’s 62 degrees!! I lived in Michigan up until a year ago and ironically enough, one of the main reasons I relocated to Texas was that I hated the weather. So, it is pretty ridiculous that I’m praising cold weather right now, but bear with me for a second. The fact that I can go for an easy 8 miler and not come back with shorts that are completely saturated is probably the most exciting thing. There is something about chaffing every run that doesn’t boost my motivation – ok, so maybe I have a sweating problem… fun stuff I know). Other than not sweating like a pig (don’t think pigs actually sweat, do they?), I just love the feeling of fall weather. Cheesy as it is, I think it is refreshing to both the body and the mind. If I do experience that effortless feeling us runners occasionally get in cool fall weather, it is a recipe for a cathartic run.

This cold front arrived at just the right time. I have recently committed to several races including the 3M Half Marathon and the Austin Marathon in January and mileage is what I need right now. Austin will be my first marathon to date. I will do my first workout this week in probably over 4 months, and I am very excited to have goals to work toward again. This is the period where you see all those huge improvements in fitness. My base is around 65mi/week currently. This means I have earned the right to aim for times – not just time on my feet running. I plan to slowly sprinkle in quality while still working to get total mileage up over the next several weeks. I learned a lot about my potential and specificity in training last season, and I can’t wait to see  improvements in my training in the future.


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