Falling off the Horse

By: Joey Przybyla

Did someone hit me with a ton of bricks?

Okay, no, it’s just me starting physical therapy school. About six weeks ago, I began what will be in total a 3 year program at Texas State University to earn my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I use the brick analogy because I am immersed into a brand new situation, one that I have never experienced before.

So, apparently college is hard. I was under other impressions, receiving my B.S. in Exercise Science with what I would call moderate effort. A complete 360 on my philosophies of studying and school in general has occurred. I now study on days other than the day before the exam to actually retain information. I know, weird concept, but believe it or not it has some validity. And since I am now preparing for a specific field in which I’ll most likely be practicing in for the rest of my life in all, I guess I’ll give it my all.

What effect will graduate school have on an avid runner? So far, I did what I had to and spent more time on school and made sure I was going into all this debt for a legit reason. Maybe the fact that it’s 100 degrees everyday and I’m from Michigan also has hurt the ol’ motivation as well. As I anticipated, the mileage has taken a beating and quality has been thrown out the window. Will this be the trend for the rest of my 3 year program? Hell NO! I want to be successful in life and an amazing physical therapist, but there is no way I will give up on my running dreams. You know, the race goals we all keep in the back of our minds at all times, the ones that motivate us to run twice in one day, in the rain, in the heat, and the ones that allow us to fight back after setbacks in training like injury or life in general (see above). I will run sub 1:10 for the half and a respectable marathon as well. So maybe I took two steps back this summer and got knocked off my feet.I am grounded now and ready to hit the ground running.


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