A Year of Change

By: Shannon Presley

Running The Rogue Trail Series

It’s been a challenging year for me on many fronts – personally, professionally and athletically. Personally, I found myself all of the sudden a single mom of 3 incredible kids. Professionally, I have had success with some new ventures but it has meant that I am unbelievably busy with barely time to breathe. Running has been a struggle, with not only finding the time to do it, but also a nagging hamstring/hip thing that I just haven’t been able to shake. So, I haven’t done much quality training or racing over this past year.

However, even though my running hasn’t been nearly what I wanted it to be, I don’t know how I would have made it through the year without it. It’s amazing to me how therapeutic running can be. I found this quote about running –“Running reverses the direction of your thoughts – running pushes your thoughts outward.” And it rang so true. I have worked through so much pain, stress, and confusion just running. Things just seem to become much clearer and I gain perspective.

And it’s not only been the act of running that has seen me through. I grew up playing a team sport which was an amazing experience. The closeness, camaraderie and friendships I gained through that experience have been invaluable to me. I never expected to find that again participating in an “individual” sport, but I can’t begin to describe how the support of my running teammates and coach has seen me through.

Well, now things are changing. Six months ago I could never imagine I would feel as happy and content as I feel now. I’m enjoying my new life. I’m still incredibly busy, but so excited about what the future holds. My running is finally headed in the right direction. Thanks to Carmen, I just recently found Dr. Noah Moos, who I think has gotten to the root cause of my hamstring problems, and I’m already feeling so much better.  It’s amazing what a difference a year can make.


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