Running with Heroes

By: Lee Toowey 

I find inspiration running at local military bases. Whenever I can, I seek out opportunities for running alongside our American heroes at local military posts. Races on posts are open to civilians, and typically registration fees cost next to nothing. For example, I ran a half marathon in 2011 for $15. Race competition is pretty stout, as these men and women are in great physical shape.

My most recent race was the Brave Rifles 5K/10K at Ft Hood, TX. Running at Ft Hood is a fun experience. It’s very flat. While running, you get to see lots of cool things like armored fighting vehicles and tanks.

The best part of running on a military post is running with our soldiers. One has the opportunity to run next to some remarkable men and women. I saw quite a few amputees running in the race. As I run, I think about the soldiers around me who put themselves in harm’s way for my benefit.

I had a pretty good race, and finished fourth place overall. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not really a big deal. The best part is running with soldiers, and talking to them about their experiences after the race. So, Austin runners, if you haven’t road tripped to Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, or Ft. Hood in Kileen, check out a race there sometime. The military hosts some excellent races, and one is afforded the opportunity to run with heroes.


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