Running Rogue Through the Trails

By: Joey Przybyla 

Last weekend was one hell-of-a-weekend. Rogues and other Austin-area runners competed in the third and final race of the Rogue Trail Series. The race was held at Reveille Peak Ranch, which is an amazing place to hang out, go for a swim, or hell, run as fast as you can for 10- to 30-kilometers over rugged and technical terrain.This was the second trail race of my life – the first being the Walnut Creek 10k put on by Rogue. I finished in what may be a decent time around 49-50:00; I don’t pay much attention to my times at these kinds of events. My 2nd place finish was very surprising. Waking up at 4am to drive out to Reveille after 4 hours of sleep didn’t set me back too much! The new atmosphere and excitement of the unknown trail was enough to wake me up. I have had a good experience with both races, however, I’m not convinced that trail racing is my thing. The temptation to just sit back and enjoy the scenic views and beautiful landscape is simply too strong.

Yesterday, I found myself pretty comfortable in 2nd place for the last half of the race with no chance of catching Warren Brown. In turn, I found myself letting off the gas and running content but strong. Normally, I choose trails to run easy, escape the city, and be one with nature. Trail running is a whole new challenge – it’s own beast. When I run fast, I feel as if I must have my head down to keep from tripping over the rocky footing or rolling an ankle. This somewhat dampers the trail experience for me. That said, I enjoy the challenge and will try at least one more trail race. Who says I can’t switch modes on the trails? I’ll work on pushing that pace on the races, which will make the easy trail runs all the more enjoyable! Also, to have the chance to hang with friends and fellow runners, eat great food, drink local beer – thanks Hops & Grain! – is reason enough to get out to a Rogue trail race.


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  1. Matthew Przybyla says :

    Yay Joey!

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