Championship Time Again

By: Chris Kimbrough

I’m headed out to Williamsburg, Virginia for the 8k Master’s National Championships. This will be my 3rd national race now as a Masters runner. I feel like my fitness level right now is good and that Carmen has helped prepare me for a strong race. I hope to be in the mix at the finish line, can only hope anyway. I think the competition will be a lot stronger this year so I’m prepared to see that as well.

One thing I’ve noticed with these national races, at least the ones I’ve attended, is that they are so well organized. You are not going to run into a long course, short course, or miss-marked one for that matter. You will also see an age span of 40 something’s to 80 and climbing. This in itself is very inspiring. I ran the Masters 6k Cross Country Club Championships in Seattle last December, and I can vividly remember passing several women in their 80’s on a looped course.  They were not flying of course, but pushing along with gusto for sure! It is so amazing and humbling to see these people out there in the rain, cold, and uneven terrain giving it their all.

I’ve really enjoyed rolling into the masters division and being able to test my speed against others in my age category. However, I still enjoy testing myself against all the speedy women in town. That is equally motivating for me.

Being able to travel to these events a couple of times a year is very exciting for me as well. It is not an easy thing to do having to leave my husband to fend for himself with 5 kids, but he does it with grace and I feel at ease leaving him to the task. However, it is a busy time for me in the days before I depart with laundry, food and routines figured out. It’s never much fun when Mom leaves town. I’m glad for that though and I will miss them terribly when I’m gone!


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