Almost That Time Again

By: Cassandra Henkiel

While getting ready for work this morning, I caught a glimpse of the Today Show. There was Matt Lauer, live in London, England. He covered two upcoming events; the Queen’s Jubilee and the Summer Olympic Games. Hearing the date of the opening ceremonies, July 27th, brought a smile to my face and an excitement to start my day.

Yesterday, I watched a friend’s 5,000m race at the Payton Jordan Cardinal Invite in Palo Alto on FloTrack – thanks, Laura. She made the A-standard. I was so pumped for her.  She’s battled injuries for I think about 4-6 yrs now, trying to get back. To see her run such a smart and strong race was very inspiring and I couldn’t be more happy for her. At any given Olympic year, it never ceases to amazing me the athletes that show face, who have been out of the mix for quite some time in our sport, that work hard, dig deep and perform to get to the trials. That’s what makes Olympic years so special on so many levels.

Being a sports junkie…it’s almost that time again.  It will all start with Wimbledon, and then Tour De France in early July, then we head straight to the Summer Olympics.  After getting up at the crack every morning to get training in during the summer, it’s a treat to hunker down in the AC of home and fall into a pure sports junkie’s wet dream! I’ll admit, it’s not easy and very exhausting.  With my days at work personal training and being around TV’s, it becomes a challenge. I’m one of these, “I have to be in the moment as it’s happening” sports fan, rather than the highlight watcher.

The routine starts with Wimbledon which makes for less napping during the day, when I can catch live matches. Next up is the Tour. I try to wait and watch the evening coverage, which leads to a later night bedtime. I’ll admit, it’s kind of stressful trying to avoid gossip of what’s happened earlier that day from morning live coverage. Now the Summer Games … forget it. I’m a walking zombie. Trying to get in as much as I can. Yes, that’s me that has to either mute the TV or walk away when on the news they announce ahead of time the Olympic results and give a “spoiler alert” before hand. At times, I find myself watching random water polo games at like 1:30am and need to force myself to turn off the TV and go to bed. Though, I love it all and truly cannot wait!  So for those who love it as much as I, it’s almost here, so get ready!


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One response to “Almost That Time Again”

  1. enduRUNce says :

    I’m a late night water-polo binger too.
    Bring on the games!

    [Great blog btw!]

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