A (Hot) Boston Marathon Weekend

By: Kamran Shah

Monday was not a great day for a PR at the Boston Marathon. Although I do know of two Team Roguers that did! That completely amazes me. For me, the marathon was a, finish it run. plan was to run easy and run between 3:15 and 3:30, it ended up being not easy but slow at 3:40. The weather as you’ve probably heard was warm, okay very hot, the start was 85 degrees and stayed around there throughout the day. This week has been a good recovery week, the first run was painful in the quads but I feel good about being able to finish the 30k in the Rogue Trail Series this weekend.

So what did Boston hold for me this year? Well, first and foremost I got a chance to eat at Penang, a Malaysian restaurant. And I got to eat a whole crab, which was fabulous.

I didn’t know if I’d manage to eat the whole thing when I started. It was truly a marathon event as it took 45 minutes to work my way through it The crab was worth every minute down to the last bite. So we had crab, then some Sushi for dinner, after which we find out about some salmonella outbreak. Luckily no issues. The next day we woke up and went running with Larry, Jim and Edward on the Charles and then the regular breakfast, sit around more eating, drinking and just pretty much not doing anything until the race on Monday. I take that back, we did do something. For dinner on Sunday we ate at a place we all vowed never to go to again (Vapiano). You can read my yelp review on why you should not go there on Marathon weekend.

Finally, Monday. Yay!! Yes, all plans of any time based run were thrown out the window and it was just a long, slow slog through the course one mile at a time. This has to be the first time starting mile 4 I just walked through every water stop, gatorade first, then some water and then some water over the head to cool down. That was the routine for 22 miles and it kind of worked. It was hot day, there was no pressure and it was a matter of finishing without needing medical attention … goal accomplished. Now onto this weekend at The Rogue Trail Series. It’s exciting and scary. I just realized I’ve never run a 30k trail race. Luckily the course at Walnut Creek park is pretty tame compared to what real trail runners would call a trail so this should be okay for me. I’m sure my more experienced trail running friends are laughing right now as I talk about Walnut Creek as a “trail race,” gotta start somewhere. This year may be the first for me to complete the entire trail series, barring any conflicting work travel. I’m looking forward to the variety the series will add to this summer of running. Well that’s it, thanks for reading my rambling.


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