Whole Again

By: Asia Shah

It has been some time since my last post, and though good intentions are always there, my to-do list has been a bit stagnant up until now.  My baby boy Gus had a run in with a car, well an SUV to be exact, and it sort of knocked the wind out of my sails in every way.  He is fine, great actually, so no worries any longer, but seeing it happen and knowing that his leg might not make it was really tough for this momma.

Gus & Ted lounging together

Sometimes when things are going badly in other areas of life it is difficult for me to focus on my runs and really motivate to get things done, but this time it was actually quite nice to get outside, push myself, and let the emotions and worries sort of drift off for a while.  At one point I just stood there at a stoplight just thinking “wow, I am so happy to be out here on  this awesome run and know that Gus is home safe and healthy.”  I know, cheesy shit, huh?  But what running has done for me over the years is helped me to simplify my thoughts and see a situation clearly.  Instead of focusing on what had happened, how awful it was, and how things would be had it not occurred, I was finally able to just be thankful that it was not worse and content with the situation.  I guess you could say that I prefer to endure the seven stages of grief as a 12 mile run version ;)

Along the lines of recovering from tragic events, I was a part of the fiery inferno that was the 2012 Boston Marathon. Luckily, we were running it as a slow long run, or as my dad would say, we were “also-rans”, so no dreams were shattered or goals missed due to the weather.  Since I was super sick last year, this was the first time I got to run the thing after going to the event for the past three years. I remember saying to Kamran and Larry at about mile 4 or 5, “who the hell said this thing was downhill?” Rolling would be a less misleading term for it. Other than some nice trees and open stretches of burning sun and heat, there were quite a few people cheering.  Unfortunately, fans don’t have quite the effect on me that they do on Larry.  He was yelling and high-fiving throughout and clearly got a boost from the atmosphere. Not sure if I am soul-less or just beyond help, but cheering fans never really do it for me. Oh well. We came, we saw, we drank some  (a lot) warm overly sugared Gatorade and hot water. In the end, we were all happy not to be one of the thousands receiving medical attention on the course or the five people (that we saw) passed out and taken out on stretchers in our hotel alone.  Hopefully next year the weather will get its shit together, but I will not place any bets.

Well, race schedule is looking like this:

  • Rogue Trail Series 30k, April-June (should be interesting)
  • Possible late summer marathon to help a few friends get their BQ’s
  • Portland Marathon, October 7th-ish (not set in stone, would be a race prep)
  • San Antonio Half, November
  • California International Marathon, December 2nd
  • Boston Marathon 2013 (racing this time)

There will be things in between, such as 10k’s and halves, but these are the concrete plans thus far.  Should be fun!!


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