Stick Your Head in the Fire

By: Laura Mitchell

Well, I’m at mid-season.

Last week, when I first thought about this post…It was more like: I’m at mid-season and at that: I am tired. I need a second wind. I’ve hit the breaking point. I am spent.

It is fine though;  I just need to recharge.  So, I am going to just get back to the routine for the next 3 weeks, and am looking forward to it.

So far, I’ve raced 5 races. It’s funny how you can be influenced when someone just puts a “bug in your ear.”  The original plan was  to race 5Ks during the first part of the season.  I did two 5ks and was set to race Carlsbad 5000 on April 1st.  But, then I threw in Cap 10K, for I knew what a great community event it was and so many of my friends were racing.  Cap10k was 7 days before the Carlsbad 5000.  Wait, 7 days before my “A” race?  My initial thoughts were about  just warming up through the first 4 miles and running the last two hard. But, someone told me, “No, you should just race.  Race both!”  So, I thought, why not stick my head in the fire?  I trusted my training.   I do this because I love to, so all the more reason to give it a go.  It went well.  I was amazed with how I felt after half way and was pleasantly surprised with my result.  I recovered, went to Cali and raced my fastest time on Carlsbad 5000’s course. While there in California, Carmen mentioned, “well, you could do Lockhart 5k?”

So there it was: another bug. I tried for one more and I found my breaking point. Well, not as intense as “breaking point.” I simply realized I was exhausted. At the Lockhart 5K, I ran out of gas after two miles. For the past 3 weeks, my training and racing was successful considering the stressful obstacles going on in my life. As I reflect, perhaps all the other stresses were affecting me subconsciously as well.

So now I’m in recovery and recharge training mode. As I begin this phase, I remember that December trip with the ladies of TRE that inspired me. That inspiration helped me set goals for this year, and I will search for that inner drive to motivate me to press on. I’m excited and encouraged to see this season through.


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