If you Want Something You’ve Never Had

By: Paul Terravova 

I saw a great quote in the St Patrick’s, NJ high-school basketball HBO documentary film “Prayer for a Perfect Season.” It read: “If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”  The coach had posted it behind the glass backboard, so his players could see it every time they took a shot, rebounded, took foul shots, etc.  The quote has since stuck with me.

Last weekend, I found myself doing exactly that, treading in uncharted territory.

Day 1, Saturday
Saturday began with a 20-mile Rogue run through the streets of Crestview with a mix of both marathon and half-marathon goal pace work. After finishing that, I quickly drove over to the Hill of Life access to the Barton Creek Greenbelt to resume running another 2 hours +/- on trail, downing my leftover coffee and taking in about 200 calories en route.  After a 45 minute out and back “warm-up,” I hit the Hill of Life for some steady uphill and downhill repeats, getting in about 5 roundtrips before a relatively flat ”cool-down,” all before 11am.

But wait, there’s more!

My Jack and Adam’s Bicycles teammates fielded three teams for the Manzano Mile relay event at 12:20PM, and I volunteered to run a 400m leg. Upon arrival, I stretched and rolled out on my TriggerPoint quadroller, trying to stay loose and warm. Luckily, the morning haze and light drizzle had burned off, revealing a nice warm Saturday afternoon. While my 1:08.1 quarter mile time on the anchor-leg was by no means a land-speed record, I was happy not to pull anything and walk away uninjured after witnessing Leo Manzano set a Texas record in the mile in 3:55.6. Impressive stuff!!!

Day 2, Sunday
Sunday morning saw Meredith and me warming up on the back-half of the Statesman Cap10k, and then me toeing the line at 9am for the race itself. My only other experience at the Cap10k was a total disaster a couple of years ago after getting ill at about 3.5 miles. Easing into a steady but hard pace, I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s race, reeling in runners once my legs dissipated most of the fatigue from the day before. A 37:03 finishing time was good enough for sub-6 min/mile average pace, and of course push-ups at the finish line, which is a tradition of mine to humbly remember my friends, family, and comrades that continue to serve in defense of our fine Country. I often get asked, “how many do you do?” In most cases it is 11, which is really just a normal set of 10 + 1 for good measure for the Big Ranger in the Sky (aka God); because in faith, we can always go a little further, do a little bit more, squeeze one more repetition out. This leads me to an inspirational quote for the Leadville Trail 100 as told by founder Ken Chlouber, “You’re tougher than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can.” Amen Ken. I am looking forward to hearing those words in person on Friday August 17th!


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