An Ideal Texas Morning

By: Cassandra Henkiel 

This past Sunday, I was able to sleep in till 7:00AM and have a somewhat leisurely morning. That’s a treat! I was out the door around 8:00am’ish to hit the trail for my long run.  I got to experience one of those few mornings during a weekend, when the trail was deserted. Yet another treat! This was because most were heading to the start of the Capitol 10,000. I got in my 6.5-7 miles, prior to meeting up with some buddies near Cesar Chavez & Congress. Once everyone showed, we got to watch the start of this iconic Austin event, the Cap 10k. This race will always remain special to me.  The Cap 10k was the first race I entered when I moved to Austin, back in 1994. When I entered in ’94 and won, I had no idea at that time the significance or how huge this race was to Austin and the state of Texas. As I recall, I was referred to as the ‘dark horse’ and was introduced into the Austin running scene.

As our group watched the leaders run by, we were in awe of the spectating crowds as well as the present buzz and energy on that beautiful spring morning. We jumped into the stream of runners, and my long run continued. While in the moving mass we enjoyed the colors, costumes, chats, cheers, laughs, moans, and groans. This is a perspective during a race, I rarely get to enjoy or experience. We were looked forward to the Rogue Tent as we worked our way up Cesar Chavez before the finish.

Once we found our way out of the stream, there was Ruth. She was sweating like twins, frying bacon and letting us know about the cooler full of mimosas, not water! Sweet, so I had two! Oh yeah, there was also the bags of powered donuts? No can do the bacon and donuts, so it was off to Joe’s @ 2nd Street for some fluids and real breakfast.

We hung at Joe’s outside for well over an hour enjoying good food, fun conversation and the post race/downtown scene. My buddies gave me the low-down on their Rosedale ride the morning before. I do ride bikes, though the Rosedale ride is one I haven’t yet ridden. My turn to share: my Saturday morning was spent on the track doing my workout and then watching the Manzano Mile Event. Which by the way, was awesome!

At some point during breakfast, I remember saying, this is why we live in Austin and how awesome it is, this time of year! It was time to split and the five of us were off to walk back home.  Three of us did a bee-line by Whole Foods, so they could caffeinate a bit more while we soaked up 30 more mins in the great outdoors, sharing what was left of our Sundays. It was noon by now and time to head home.

As we went our separate ways, I was off on the ‘shoe sole express’, leisurely walking home enjoying what was left of what I thought, was an ideal Austin morning. I remember thinking how lucky I am to live in this city and to share it with such great people who appreciate as well. In 2012, we are all still able experience that special race that is the Cap 10K.


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