Motivation and Waiting for Saturday

By: Laura Mitchell

Through the years, I find that I motivate myself in different ways. Because I am passionate about running and training, I find many ways to gear up for the day-to-day grind.

You may think: Huh? So, this is what you love, right? Shouldn’t it be easy to just get up and run?

An artist can sit at a blank canvas and proceed to paint for hours. A writer churns out page after page. A musician will plays all day. What does this mean for my running? Well, yes, sometimes running flows like that for me. I can wake up in the morning with ease and get in my workout for the day. However, other days, I just can’t. I liken it to a author’s bad case of writer’s block.  After reading TRE’s Sarah Madebach’s post, Under pressure, it got me thinking that runners also hone their craft and experience the same way that many of those in the creative world experience.

It reminds me of this commercial that aired when I was a kid. Do you ever feel like this?

Perhaps I’m physically tired. Or maybe I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Or, I’m still tired from the previous day’s training.  Perhaps I get a little sore from lifting weights or finishing a core workout?

Sometimes I feel my mind doesn’t want to get out and run.  Sometimes you can be physically ready, but mentally and emotionally, your body tells you the opposite. After a long day at work, staring at the computer, constantly being on the phone, and with dealing with other people’s money, laying down looks like a really good option!

Oh and then there’s the elements! I have heard myself say:
Oh, it’s too cold out!
Or it’s pouring!
Or it’s snowing!
Or it’s way too humid today and that heat is gonna be brutal!”

Also, time gets the better of you. Everyone has probably experienced when you just start getting into doing stuff during the day.  For example, you wake up and start pick up around the house, run errands and before you know it a few hours pass by and it’s already late afternoon and you just don’t feel up to going.

So, how do I do get that motivation back?

Sometimes I get some extra rest by taking a quick cat nap.  Even laying down 15 minutes will get me out the door. I eat a little snack.  Changing into your running gear also helps. Shoot, if you already have the clothes and shoes on, its just that much easier to start. Find a running partner. I will call up some friends to see if they can meet up for a run. Watching a past major championship or Olympic race online – that can fire you up for a fast training session. I usually have a tough running session on Saturday morning, and a lot of times I like to prep while I “wait for Saturday.” By visualizing yourself on the track, you can be in tune with how your body will feel, how your form will stack up. Take a look at your goal times, you can visualize yourself running that pace.

Luckily, these times where I struggle to motivate myself to run aren’t very often.  But, I thought it might be nice to share that these times can happen to anyone regardless of your of fitness level. If it happens, try one of these ideas to push through that “writer’s block” and get you going again. More importantly, don’t get yourself too worked up about it, if you don’t make it out that one day.  Tomorrow may be better to press on.  Most of all, remember to be happy and enjoy what you are doing, just like the artist.


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