Say It Isn’t So…

By: Cassandra Henkiel

It was a typical Wednesday evening around 6:00pm. I believe the temperature read 88 degrees. That evening, I finished a tempo on the trail and hustled home to get ready to meet a friend in North Austin. Considering rush hour on Mopac, I had low hopes of arriving on time. After the run, I literally ran into my place, stripped down and jumped into the shower. After my super quick shower, I toweled off and had that oh-so-familiar feeling. That same thing we Austinites haven’t dealt with since the brutal summer of 2011.

The post shower sweats.

I could not believe it! It is February, right? Then why did I stand here in the raw, under my ceiling fan, desperately trying to dry off before I moisturize, put on my make up, blow dry my hair and get dressed? Goodness, I am not ready for the heat and humidity. For the little winter we have had, I have enjoyed every minute. Let’s hope Mother Nature throws us a bone and secures the mild temperatures for a few more months. It was a long, hot and arduous summer. Austin deserves this rain as well as change in seasons.

The next morning,  I ran in gusty wind and crisp, cool air! After that run, I decided to cherish these cool mornings as long as we still have them, because the days of the post shower sweats are right around the corner.

Enjoy spring everyone!


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