Overcoming Mediocrity

By: Joey Przybyla

WOW. That’s all I can say about the last month. It feels like my running has been taken to another level. Let’s start with the 3M half marathon last month. I finally ran a PR that I can honestly say I am proud of and satisfied with. My previous half PR was 1:14:33 (what i consider relatively mediocre), which I ran in Grand Rapids Michigan well over a year ago. I was pumped about it then but knew that was no where near my potential. After some diligent training, I was able to run 1:10:55 at 3M! This was honestly the most rewarding race I have ever completed. It felt so smooth and was just ideal conditions. Given my personality, it took me all but a few days to consider my performance mediocre and began dreaming of even faster times for my favorite distance, the half marathon. Of course 3M is a downhill and very fast course; so, I did not expect to best that time 3 weeks later at the Austin Half. I did manage to run a 1:13:05 at Austin last Sunday. I say I “managed” because I felt absolutely horrible during this race. After going out in 10:20 for the first 2 miles with some decent hills, I already began to struggle. The week leading up to the race I had felt tired and dizzy on a few easy runs for some unknown reason. So given the difficulty of the course and my condition that day, I am proud that I was able to give it everything I had on that day and run the second fastest time ever for a half marathon. After all, all you really can do in running is give it your all on that given day and accept the results, learn from any mistakes, and move on.

My favorite part about the Austin half was the spectators! I felt immensely proud to wear my Rogue Running singlet and represent the establishment that has given me the tools and support to be able to get to the next level of running here in my new city of ATX. Even though I felt horrible and had thoughts of dropping out of the race on Sunday, I am extremely glad I ran Austin this year. To hear go Rogue! being yelled to me at several points in the race, was such a great feeling. I have never ran on a team in high school or college. To be a part of Rogue now is freaking amazing! In representing them, I also feel like I am representing the Austin running community. It truly adds new meaning to my running and will hopefully carry me to a level I never thought possible when I began running a few years ago. As for now I will try to focus on the 10k for the first time in my life. Throwing in new speed workouts should be a new change of pace to my normal running regimen. Keeping it fresh. Should be fun!


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