By: Laura Mitchell

When you are intrigued by many things and passionate about running, it is a skill to keep your focus, especially during the daily grind. So, I’m in the middle of season and I know when you work full time it is important to get everything completed, that way you can be free to train. Perhaps, it is the training and running that does keep me focused. Well, after I think about it, what has really made the difference is embracing my new work environment.

I’m currently working from home yet working full time. This, which would seem to be hard for some to stay on task, comes easier to me. I guess it’s due to my relentless work ethic. It lets me multi-plan easier.  Before, I most always had to run after work.  Now I can run in the A.M. some days, I can schedule core at lunch, and even move lunch break around to late afternoon. If I have work meetings, I can bring my training gear and hit the trail after, but most of all my work is less stressful.

Working in finance can be quite taxing (pun intended). I was working in an environment that I thought was manageable, then it totally changed. At first, I was really trying to keep things as before – to work as closely and meticulously as I was used to. But, as I went along, I started to realize that was the problem. I was so hell bent on completing everything and working with the same people and speed because that was what I was accustomed to do. I finally realized that things were different and that I shouldn’t be afraid to make a change. Once you make that leap though, it can be so invigorating.  I am so delighted I made the change. Now, I’m still doing the same thing, but just working with different people. I have realized working with different people can be so much less exhausting. It rejuventated me. I like what I’m doing again and just at the right time.

Remember my blog about traveling with the ladies of Team Rogue Elite and how that pretty much motivated me for this year running-wise?  Well, now that I have both work and training flowing well, I could not be more ecstatic about the potential greatness the future holds.  Embracing a new work schedule is allowing me more freedom to experiment with training.  I am trying new tactics in races. I’m playing with new schedules and figuring out what to do to maximize potential and keep running fun.

So now that work is cool, I see myself coming around mid season. I am getting fit, namely getting in the gym doing core while concentrating on all the weak points Carmen’s pointed out. Of course it hasn’t been easy, especially in those first few times. It can be humbling.

Ahh yeah no, I can’t lift that.  How many reps again?

Or, Hahaha you’re kidding me, no really you’re funny.

But really those remarks are what I like to call a composure mechanism for outgoing people. Cause really I’m having fun out there even when it’s hard.  I remember just the other day making Carmen laugh in between intervals when I yelled out, “what are you, Salazar making me do a track workout after a race? (because I had been out on the roads doing a longer tempo before). But all the while with a smile on my face.

Not a bad start.

Gotta love it.  Until the next one.


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