PACING FROM THE FRONT: Top 2012 Chevron Houston Marathon Moments for the 3-Hour Pace Group

By: Paul Terranova 

Last weekend, Bryan Morton and I had the privileged opportunity to pace the 3-hour group at the Houston Marathon. Pacing is always a special experience for me and a great way to give back to the running community. It also affords the time to stash away some memorable moments that occurred along the way.

From finish to start, I bring you the top 12 moments:

No. 12.
Heard after the race in the George R. Brown convention center:
Ice-cream sandwiches, biscuits & gravy, AND coffee, this is AWESOME!!!!

No. 11.
Heard at the finish line:
Let’s knock out some push-ups!!!” (26+1 for the record)

No. 10.
Heard at mile 24:
Paul:  You ready for a beer NOW Bryan?! 
Bryan: Hell yeah!!!!   (thanks to the Pirates for sharing their ale!)

No. 9.
Heard at mile 20.5:
Paul:  You ready for a beer yet Bryan?!
Bryan: NO!!! (sorry Michelob Ultra, next year please be on the inside of the curve)
No. 8.
Heard running up Post Oak:
Paul: Bryan, there’s a California Pizza Kitchen coming up on the right…
Bryan:  Sweet, I’m SO hittin’ the CPK after this, I’m famished!!!

No. 7.
Heard running along University Blvd:
Wow, nice homes!

No. 6.
Heard at mile 11:
Random Rice University Student: GREAT job, 3 minute group!!!!

No. 5.
Heard running down Montrose:
Paul: Bryan, the Priest is going to bless us with Holy Water soon.
Bryan: Really dude, no way?!
Paul:  Yeah, just wait…
Bryan: Holy SHIT, you’re right!!!
Paul: No, that was Holy WATER.

No. 4.
Heard at mile 4 and about every other mile thereafter:
NICE balloons!!!!!  (we were instructed to have red, white, and blue balloons tied to our pacer stick/sign)

No. 3.
Heard at mile 2…slap, slap, slap…
Paul:  Is that Ronald McDonald I hear running next to us, or is someone wearing clown shoes?
Bryan:  No, sounds like flip-flops though!

No. 2.
Heard in the corral:
Man, I’m glad we brought those water bottles to pee in!

And the No. 1 moment of the day,
Heard before the race in the George R. Brown:
Hey dudes, anybody have any extra GU, I forgot mine? – Todd Jones, 3:40 pacer and Team Rogue member (thanks to Bryan for sharing, that’s what teammates are for!)


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