3M Again!

Here we go again.

I guess this will be my 5th attempt at the 3m half marathon. I’ve always for the most part liked this race. I like the point to point start to finish. I like the competition it brings which always makes it exciting and challenging.  And surprisingly for me I like the downhill aspect of it.  Normally I like hills in races, but it is fun to really feel like you can push yourself harder and faster than you do in any other half marathon. Over the years I’ve looked at this race as a goal race for me, something I know I will spend lots of hours training hard for.  But also it brings a great group of runners together that I really enjoy training with. Having others there with you putting in the hard workouts makes it that much more rewarding in the end.

As for my training for the race this year, I feel confident that I have put in the workouts and hit a lot of my goal paces. A lot of my quality workouts have been consistent with past years, so I’ll just have to see how it all comes together on race day. I am excited about the course changes this year. I think the course will be even faster. I won’t miss the long run down Burnet Road and the uphill section on Northloop. Instead we get to cruise through the neighborhoods of Shoal Creek and Great Northern. I think from running our long runs on  the new course it looks to be even more of a downhill route.

So in two weeks it will be decision time for me. I’m still not sure if I want to pick up the mileage and train for a marathon this July.  Sometimes with my busy life training for the shorter stuff just makes more sense.  However,  my Dad has always wanted me to run the Missoula Marathon in Montana. The women’s record on the course is 2:53. I’ve always liked to make my Dad smile!  That being said, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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