How about this idea?

By: Laura Mitchell

So it’s a new year, 2012!

I could easily talk about resolutions. About bad habits you exclaim to the world your going to stop, things you’re gonna change or things you’re gonna try.  Everybody heads to the gym with aspirations of, “this is the year where I’m really gonna exercise and hit the gym or get fit!”   But invariably they last only a few weeks.

How about deciding to just incorporate general strength training to your routine?

Discipline is one of the best attributes distance runners possess. So, if you can just add a few times a week some core training along with your runs, it will just become a natural part of your lifestyle.  Boom. No radical moves like hustling to the gym and hitting the weights hard core, because it’s a new year and dang, I need to start.

Two skills that will help you do this is patience and persistance.   If there’s one thing that I can share, it would be the importance of strengthing your core.  To become a more efficient and successful runner it is helpful to increase your general strength.  Sure one can start running and little by little add more miles to your runs.  Weeks pass by and you notice yourself developing more endurance. But that only goes so far.  What happens when your body breaks down?  Or you start to feel those little nags?

If you can incorporate some basic strength exercises, it can really support your muscles and body get through each run much smoother.  Think about when you run, how much you use other parts of your body besides your legs! You’ll begin to notice your hip flexors, hip abductors, your abdominals, your arms and even your feet-the one body part people tend for forget.

By integrating some general stength exercises into your workouts, little by little you can extend your longevity, prevent injury, and perhaps even help you run more efficient.

So instead of just quickly joining a gym and hitting the weights hard core at full speed,  think about adding core to your training.  This can become part of your routine and hopefully become part of your lifestyle.  Pretty soon you won’t even notice it as a chore.  Avoid the new year gym burnout and with a little patience you will become stronger overtime:  this leading to better runs and performance.


Downtown:  Sunday @ 5pm, Monday @ 6:45pm, Thursday @ 6:45pm

Cedar Park:  Monday @ 6:30

Drop by and check it out.


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