The Juggling Act of New Beginnings

By: Omar Doria

In September, I moved to Austin, Texas to begin a new stage of my life.  I was done with all my biology graduate courses, and was working only on my thesis.  I had previously attended the University of Texas- Pan American. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology in 2009. Afterwards, my college Coach Dave Hartman offered me a graduate scholarship to continue running for UTPA. I am very thankful with his kindness, and great coaching abilities. He helped me develop as a 1500m and 3000 steeplechase runner.  I broke a few school records and hit a 3:48 in the 1500m.

After finishing my college eligibility I had two options: stay in Edinburg and train or move to Austin and train post collegiately with Team Rogue. After much contemplation, I decided to make the move even if I knew I would have to be juggling grad school, running, and job searching. The move to Austin was going to be a challenge, but I felt I was ready to confront it.

My experience with Team Rogue has been very smooth. Having great teammates like Erik Stanley, Scott Macpherson, and Chris Gowell showed me that hopefully one day I could reach my potential in running if I just keep moving forward. They are like a band of brothers. They live and sleep running and always are willing to give advice. Coach Sission and Coach Knight have been very patient with me even if I am stubborn, and always trying to do my own thing. The ladies team on December 10 won the National Club XC meet in Seattle, Washington. They are extremely fast and cool ladies! I have been blessed with this opportunity to train with this group.  Everyone has very high expectations! Dreams that seem impossible start to seem like a possibility. Team Rogue strives to reach the next level in competitive running.

Everything had been going well until last month when I reinjured my hamstring. Like a hurt impala, I try to run hoping my injury would just magically disappear. Slowly, I am healing and hoping to have a good outdoor track season. I have some personal goals that I know I can reach! On the oval track I want to be hypnotized waiting for the next left turn.


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