New To Austin

By: Joey Pryzbyla

I moved to Austin in the beginning of September this year. This choice was kind of a blind decision based on a “feeling” that was within me the last few years… I know, random. I felt for some reason that I needed to move from Michigan and relocate in Austin, Texas. Needless to say, I went with this hunch and without too much hesitation.  It literally ended up being one of the best choices I have ever made. I mean how positive of results would one really expect to see when moving to a new city with no money, car, or job lined up? Well, with the help of my sister Theresa and her boyfriend Jason, I was able to get set up here without too much stress. After a month I landed a job in my field and everything was getting more familiar and fun by the day.

Now that I have given you all (I still don’t think I can get myself to say y’all anytime soon) a little background, I would like to get into the good stuff. Running in Austin! I first heard of Rogue Equipment by a Google search for running stores in the Austin area before I even made the move here. After taking a look at the website and what the store offered, I emailed Ruth to ask about running clubs they may have. Long story short, now I am a Rogue Local Elite Member!

My running in the last two months has been close to, if not the best segment of training I have ever put together. Something about running in a new area really gets you excited to just get out the door. I have explored many trails, many of which people that live in the area are unaware exist, and have ran in temperatures that I have never experienced in my life! Let’s just review my first run in Austin for a second; It was another 100+ degree day and I thought, hey it doesn’t feel too bad, there is almost no humidity. After an hour of running I was now completely aware that I was LOST. I started on Town Lake but as I later learned, I entered the Barton creek trail on accident. My easy 6 miler turned into a 16 mile death march in the dry, exhausting heat. That would be the longest run I had thrown down in about a year by the way. Let’s just say I learned my lesson that day.

Anyway, let me get back to the reasons my running has been going well. Having the extra motivation from belonging to a group (Rogue) has allowed me to put in the additional effort. My commitment to running has been at an all time high, and I have learned the immense value of consistency in training. With a solid base, I have worked up to my longest run ever, a 20 miler I completed yesterday! I have my sights set on the 3M half marathon and strongly believe I will accomplish my goals if I keep training smart, listening to my body, putting in the effort, and continue to make running fun!

After all, what is the point of running if you don’t find yourself with a big grin on once and a while mid-run?





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