Second Chances

By: Shannon Presley

I have always loved to run. From the time I was very small, I can remember just loving the feeling of running as fast I possibly could. I was always the first to sign up for the fifty yard dash during field day in elementary school. In middle school, I ran track for 2 years. I ran the 400m and anchored the 1600m relay.

I loved to run. However, there was something that I loved even more, and that was soccer. A sport where I got to run and be creative, make things happen, be a part of a team that completely and totally depended on each and every member. I more than loved it. It was a passion.

When I got to high school and the track/cross country coach told me I had to make a choice. He wouldn’t allow a member on his team to participate in 2 different sports, it was a no-brainer. See ya, coach. I pick soccer.  Of course, I always wonder how/if my athletic career might have been different if that high school track coach had a different attitude. But do I regret the decision I made? Absolutely not.

I am getting the chance now to find out what kind of runner I am, and I am glad it happened at this time in my life. Who would have thought that in my mid (to late) 30’s, I would have been embarking on a brand new athletic career?!  And again, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found Steve and Ruth at the very beginning of all of this a few years ago, and then how lucky I am that they introduced me to Carmen.

I now run for many reasons – to stay in shape, to challenge myself, to bring some balance to a busy life, to hang out and train with an amazing group of people. Not necessarily the same reasons I had for playing soccer when I was younger, but definitely the right reasons for right now.


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