Chris Kimbrough’s Review of Run for the Water

By: Chris Kimbrough

So it has now been over 48 hours since the 10 miler Sunday and I have not run since my short cool down afterward, unless you count the sprinting door to door with my 10 year old last night who thought she needed more candy than her already half full pillow case.  I am very excited to go to my running group tonight where I will probably run an easy trail run with a few strides.  Even though I could just do this run in my neighborhood, there is something about doing it with a group of runners.  It is also one of the 2X’s a week I get away by myself and leave my family to fend for themselves.  I now have a 13 yr. old who babysits the other four which makes life so much easier!  I remember not so long ago trying to find a babysitter and at least one child screaming as I drove away.  I guess it wasn’t always an easy escape.

So the 10miler has come and gone and I have to say I was a little nervous for this one.  For several reasons I guess.  I struggled hard at the IBM 10K.  A strange side cramp that made me want to bail out at mile 5 was one reason.  I guess I was a little worried it would come on again.  Another reason was I just knew mentally that I’m getting older and I’m just not going to be able to run the same times as I did in years past.  I knew this was going to be a big race for me just within myself.   I always get a little nervous before a race, but I know for me nervous energy is good because it gets me ready to race.  If I don’t get a little nervous I know I will start out flat.  A lot of it is probably the competitiveness in me.

So… once the gun went off I was great.  I felt super relaxed and easily found my pace.  There was a group of 5 or 6 of us running together until we got to Exposition and then we broke off.  Then it was just Betzy and I and another guy through the hills.  The hills felt super great. I’m sure one reason was the preparation Carmen gave us going into the race.  So, I’d gain on them going up and then they would surge past me on the way down, I knew it was going to be a hard finish once we got out of the hills and onto Lake Austin Blvd.  I lost time on her after that and knew I was just in it for my race at that point.  She was just too strong for me on the flats.  So I just pushed along.  I wasn’t sure what my time would be at that point, but I knew I ran 30:25 at the 5 mile, so I was guessing Id be somewhere around 1:01.   I just kept up my pace and found another guy who I ran with for some of the time.  That road is long and I have to say I’m a little tired of running it!  I saw Catherine Barrera and Cindy Connally at the 8 mile mark and they gave me extra encouragement, and then Carmen and Ricardo over the Mopac Bridge.  So when I got to 1st street and saw the clock was 59:22 I was a little bit shocked!   So I picked it up and ran in for a 59:44, which was a 2 second PR …what do you know!  I felt very encouraged after the race.  That was one of those moments I forgot I’m really going to be 42 in 9 days not 20 something!   All in all, I just felt very blessed to be able to be out there running and enjoying it!

I do have to say the awesome Rogue and Advanced Rehab recovery tent was a much added bonus!  I was very surprised to not be sore Monday, so… I have to attribute that to my ART treatment from AJ Zelinsky of Advanced Rehab and also the 20 min. ice bath at home….oh I almost forgot the best beer in Austin, TX ….. HOPS and GRAINS was an added bonus!


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