Hi, My Name is Tia

Well, last season marked a new beginning for me.. I had a baby for one (pretty much sums it up right there), two I got married, and three I finally was interested in running again after a long break. I am not really sure what made me decide to run again? I think it is the fact that I thrive off competition and without that I lose a little bit of who I am.
So once I made that decision to start running again I found Rogue. I started with a very low background of miles and a bit of anxiety of not knowing what to expect. I started with Team Rogue and was trained by the one and only John Schrup. Schrup and the other runners made me feel welcome and happy to be there at 5:30 am, when I would prefer being cozy in my bed. I went into this training program to tackle my first half marathon. My energy was great and I was absolutely loving life to be training again. After having the baby this was just the “escape” I needed from being new to mommy hood. I raced 3M for my first half and the weather conditions were not your normal January temps. It was a great first race back with a time of 1:23.59 but left me hungry for more.
I realized that I like doing more of 5ks and 10ks so that’s when John pointed me to Carmen Troncoso. I had heard about Carmen and was extremely excited to start a new chapter in my training with her. Being in Carmen’s group was a perfect fit for me, there are lots of women in this group and oh did I mention they are all pretty speedy. Carmen has the right program for me it’s short and quick… kind of like pulling off a band-aid, stings for a bit then you can relax.
Since being in Carmen’s group I have been steadily improving throughout my little adventure. I started out my season with the IBM 10k, with a time of 36:20. Then a few weeks after that I had my second race The Cedar Park 5 Miler.. ran that with a time of 28:28. With both of those under my belt I am starting to gain my confidence back and look forward to improving each race.
I am doing a relay race with 2 fellow team mates in Dallas on December 3rd. Then the following weekend I will be traveling to Seattle, WA for the National Club XC Championships. I am 98% that 3M will be on the agenda. Capital 10k is a most definitely, I love that race!
Happy and thankful to be apart of the LOCAL Team Rogue Elite Team.. Look forward to seeing how well everyone does in their races.

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